Bidisha Ghosh

“My experience at the Patent Agent Exam training by Origiin IP Academy was extremely productive. Patent Law was like Greek and Latin to me and I appreciate Bindu’s and Anita’s persistence to make me understand some of the complicated sections word by word after each class. The study material offered ample case studies and examples which helped me to comprehend the subject clearly hence easy to memorize. The Dictionary on Indian Patent Law was useful for my preparation as it contained succinct meaning of the Patent terms. Looking up any word was like a quick revision for me as all the sections where that word had been used were enlisted together.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2013
Swati Mittal

“IP has been my guiding light all through since the time I stepped into the field of IPR back in 2011. Bindu Ma’m and Anita Ma’m have been very helpful throughout. They were always there to clarify any doubts that sprung in our minds whether during the session or even after the classes were over. The dictionary and elaborate notes provided by them were extremely helpful for my preparation. Even though there was a gap of 1 year in between but still because of their presentations I could refresh everything so easily. Thank you Origiin IP Academy for the patent agent exam preparation!”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2013

“I am glad I took up the patent agent examination preparation course from Origiin IP Academy. Both Bindu and Anita coached our batch with great dedication and in a systematic manner. They answered all sorts of crazy doubts with clarity and patience. Their ability to form a batch with various industry experts definitely enriched our sessions owing to numerous threadbare discussions, generating different perspectives about a section or scenario for example. Bindu and Anita gave practical inputs with publicly available examples to explain the concepts wherever applicable. All this resulted in me passing the patent agent exam in my first attempt and that too with reasonable marks. All the best to Origiin IP Academy in their earnest endeavor to train aspiring patent agents. I certainly recommend Origiin for anyone looking to get some serious coaching to crack the patent agent exam.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2013
Vidhu Khare

“The credit of my success in clearing the Indian patent Agent Exam 2011 clearly goes to the team of Origiin IP Academy and especially to Bindu. Their focused approach, teaching methodology and the course material, all helped me immensely. I would like to specially emphasize on the old paper discussion sessions conducted by the Origiin team, which was really helpful and helped me in remembering various Sections of the Patents Act and associated Forms.

Also, with active participation of other candidates during the discussions, I came to know about how to approach a question in different ways. I will highly recommend joining the Origiin’s Training on Indian Patent Agent Examination.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2011

Himesh Agrawal

“The course material provided by Origiin IP Academy was very useful and effective as it helped me a lot to clear all concepts, Sections and Rules of the Patents Act and boosted my confidence level too. I enrolled myself for the PAE-online course (tutorials course) only but Bindu invited me to attend the classes too. However, it was not possible for me as I was working in Delhi. I had doubts about clearing the exam without proper training but Bindu encouraged me and helped me a lot during the exam. I have not attended a single class but had discussed all my doubts and previous year papers with her online and on phone which helped me a lot to prepare my best for the exam.

The study materials was very good and in a simple understandable language as after studying them, I did not need to read Patents Act. How useful the study materials was, can be understood from the fact that I cleared the exam inspite of working fulltime in R&D domain. I am really very thankful to Bindu and Origiin team and wish them all the very best for the future.”

Year 2011
Ketki Karkhanis

“Clearing the Patent Agent Exam would not have been possible without the support from Origiin IP Academy. As I was working as a full time employee, I did not attend any of the class room sessions but the study material provided by Origiin was excellent. The explanation of the Sections in simple language with illustrations helps a lot. I did not refer any other books or notes for the exam. I was totally dependent on the material from Origiin. Excellent notes and proper guidance from Origiin was the key to my success.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2011
Rajalakshmi Ramalingam

“I would like to thank Origiin IP Academy for assisting me with the preparation for 2011 patent agent exam. Bindu and Anita explained patent law using simple terms and made sure that all our questions/doubts are answered. They were always available through email whenever required. Course material had a lot of examples which made it easy for us to grasp the underlying principles of various sections and rules. The mock test that was conducted at the end of the session helped us to gauge the level we were in and prepare harder.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2011
Nandini Prabhu

“I was initially hesitant to join the coaching classes conducted by Origiin IP Academy for the Patent Agent exam 2011 because of the fact that classes were conducted over the weekends. However, I am so glad that I did join because the classes helped me enormously in clearing the exams with good marks.

Each section of the patents act was explained well by Bindu Sharma and the mock exams helped me a lot too. Question papers of each of the previous year’s exams were discussed along with the strategies to answer and present the answers neatly. Best of all was the session on Viva voce. The reading material provided was great too-explaining each section with examples. The reading material on previous year’s question papers also helped me a lot.

I would personally like to thank Bindu Sharma because she was always ready to answer all my doubts. (P.S: I even called her on the previous day of the exams with doubts). I would be happy to recommend Origiin IP Academy to anyone who is planning to appear for the Patent Agent Exam.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2011
Ganesh Moorthy

“When I first called Bindu to enquire about Patent Agent exam, Origiin was not conducting training classes. However, Bindu gave me lots of details on preparation for the exam and even offered me an appointment to discuss on modalities for preparing for the exam. I was so encouraged by her helping tendency.

Few months later, she sent me a mail stating that she would conduct classes and I immediately enrolled for the classes. The classes were so much educative, interactive and focused. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Bindu, Anita and all my class-mates. I wish the Origiin team all the very best and I am optimistic they will create more and more Patent Agents.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2010
Anuradha Seshu

“I enrolled for the classroom training session but my job made me switch cities. I had apprehensions about clearing the exam without proper training but Bindu encouraged me and was ever willing to help. I attended only one class which helped me all through. We discussed doubts and previous year papers which strengthened my concepts, gave me enough confidence to attempt the exam. The session was exhaustive after which I didn’t have to study hard. The interaction session with her helped me tackle not only the theory papers but also the viva. The material acquainted me with all the basics a fresher like me required. Bindu and Anita supported me all through and went out of their way in helping me. Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t have found it really hard to clear the exam. I extend my gratitude to them and wish them all the very best for the future.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2010
Sarasija Padmanabhan

“Working people need a structure to study for an examination. It is difficult to sit down and look at grey print after a tiring day at work. Bindu Sharma and Anita Kalia went through the course material line by line with us, drilled us with assignments and questions. Of course the question paper was unexpected but the training at Origiin IP Academy helped me tremendously.”

Cleared Patent Agent Examination, Year 2010