Integrated certificate course in patent search (Patentability search, FTO, validity/invalidity search)

This is a combo certificate course which includes Patentability Search, Freedom to Operate Analysis and Validity/Invalidity search in a single pack so that participants can gain information about the three courses at a time.

Watch introductory video

Key learnings

  • Kinds of patent searches and need to perform the same
  • ­Basics of patent search, search techniques and formulation of search strings/strategies
  • Demonstration of steps to perform a patent search with examples
  • Preparation of search report and writing opinion on patentability
  • Basics of FTO search, search techniques and formulation of search strings/strategies
  • Identification of relevant patent documents and claim mapping
  • Calculating term of patent ,expiry date and legal status of the patent
  • Assessing chances of infringement, taking into consideration legal
  • Frame work of the desired jurisdiction
  • Preparation of FTO report
  • Identification of the statutory grounds that may be used to invalidate patent
  • Mapping of prior art results with the given patents
  • Write opinion on validation or invalidation of the patent


Candidate must have any Bachelors degree in science or technology such as BE, B.Tech, B.Sc. etc.

Who should join?

The course is useful to any person keen to pursue career in IPR, fresh students as well as working IP Professionals who want to enhance skills and experience in performing various kinds of patent searches.

Modes of learning and fee


50,000 INR (Indian Students)

800 USD (Foreign Students)

20 weeks
(addl. 2 weeks for project submission)
How to enrol?
Please mail us at

Course content

Teaching Modules

Patentability Search

  • Module 1: Statutory Provisions
  • Module 2: Anatomy of patent
  • Module 3: Patent search techniques
  • Module 4: Performing patent search
  • Module 5: Writing patent search report

Freedom to Operate

  • Module 1: What is a Freedom to Operate Search?
  • Module 2: Important considerations for FTO search
  • Module 3: Performing a Freedom to Operate search
  • Module 4: Identifying patent limitations
  • Module 5: Writing a Freedom to Operate Search report
  • Module 6: Infringement Bypass Options

Validation Invalidation Search

  • Module 1: What is Validation/Invalidation search and related Statutory Provisions
  • Module 2: Important considerations for Validation/Invalidation search
  • Module 3: Performing Invalidation/Validation search
  • Module 4: Writing Invalidation/Validation report

Projects Submission

After finishing the teaching modules the students have to submit a project on patentability, FTO, validity/invalidity patent search.

Exam and Certification

Upon completion of written examination and submission of the project, certificates will be issued to the successful participants.