Certificate Course in Technology Valuation

The role of technology in fostering economic growth of nations and enhancing their industrial and technological competitiveness has been widely recognized, through its dominating influence over industrial productivity. Further, technology has emerged as the most important resource that contributes directly to socio-economic development. This necessitates effective management of technology – at both national and institute levels. Valuation of Technology is a part of this management process which helps us to understand the true value of knowledge associated with it. New technologies, IP are a set of intangible assets and valuating the same requires specialized skills. Valuation of technology depends upon various factors and is executed using different techniques and methods. Valuation of technology is typically done at the time of merging and acquisition of the companies or exploring joint ventures or for getting funds from investor/bank or at the time of technology transfer. Though the process to valuate a technology is complicated and depends upon numerous factors, the generally used methods include Cost-based, market-based, Income-based or Option-based methods.
This course has been designed by various industry experts with an objective of teaching technology valuation purpose and methods to enhance skills.

Key learnings

  • Which IP to buy or sell?
  • Different Approaches to valuate patent (Cost-based, market-based, Income-based or Option-based methods)
  • IP Transactions including license and assignment
  • Technology transfer and agreements
  • Litigation leading to Licensing

 Dates and venue

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Who should join?

The course is useful to any person keen to pursue career in IPR, fresh students as well as working IP Professionals who want to enhance skills and experience in performing various kinds of patent searches.

Modes of learning and fee

35,000 INR (Indian Students)
1140 USD (Foreign Students)
Customized as per requirement 
How to enrol?
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Exam and Certification

Certificates will be provided upon successful completion of the course.