Certificate course in Patentability Search

Patentability search is performed to ensure patentability of invention on the scale of novelty, non-obviousness and industrial utility. However, identification of correct key words, formulation of appropriate search strategies, assessment of identified prior art, evaluation of invention against statutory requirements is extremely critical for performing patentability search. The search requires deep understanding of the concept underlying the invention and requires a comparative analysis between the invention and the prior art. Once search is performed, a report or opinion is prepared, based on which the inventor can decide whether to file for a patent or work further on the invention based on the identified prior arts.

Key learnings

  • Kinds of patent searches and need to perform the same
  • ­Statutory provisions necessary to know with respect to opinion on patentability
  • Advantages of performing a patent search before filing for a patent
  • Basics of patent search, search techniques and formulation of search strings/strategies
  • Demonstration of steps to perform a patent search with examples
  • Preparation of search report, writing opinion on patentability


Candidate must have Bachelors degree in science or technology such as BE, B.Tech, B.Sc. etc

Who should join?

The course is useful to any person keen to pursue career in IPR, fresh students as well as working IP Professionals who want to enhance skills and experience in performing various kinds of patent searches.

Modes of learning and fee

      Fee INR 6500 (Indian Students) USD 1OO (Foreign Students)
      Duration 6 months (including project work + 1 month internship)
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Course content

Teaching Modules

Statutory Provisions
Anatomy of patent
Patent search techniques
Performing patent search
Writing patent search report
Guidelines for Project submission

Projects Submission

After finishing the teaching modules the students have to submit a project on Patent Search.

Exam and Certification

Upon completion of written examination and submission of the project, certificates will be issued to the successful participants.