Certificate Course in Patent Specification Drafting

Drafting patent specification is an art, wherein learning, what is to be claimed, how to claim, identification of novel elements and preparing drawings is extremely critical. This course can be taken up by the candidates keen to pursue career in IPR as well as the candidates preparing for Indian Patent Agent Examination.

Key learnings

  • Basics of patent specification drafting
  • ­Identifying novelty of the invention
  • Drafting claims strategically based on novel features
  • Comparative analysis of drafting requirements with respect to various jurisdiction
  • Important points to consider while drafting a patent specification
  • Practice sessions
  • Case Studies


Candidate must have any Bachelors degree in science or technology such as BE, B.Tech, B.Sc. etc.

Who should join?

The course is useful to any person keen to pursue career in IPR, fresh students as well as working IP Professionals who want to enhance skills and experience in drafting patent specifications

Modes of learning and fee

35,000 INR (Indian Students)
1140 USD (Foreign Students)
6 months
(including project work + 1 month internship)
How to enrol?
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Exam and Certification

Certificates will be issues upon successful completion of the course.