Certificate Course in Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent landscape analysis involves analysis of protected inventions which helps to gain valuable perspective on a technology and its commercial interests. Patent landscape analysis can help to identify technology leaders, focus of technology leaders, their IP strategies, strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios. Further patent landscape analysis helps in highlighting crowded areas, key players and research activities in the area of interest.

Key learnings

  • Understanding Technology for which landscape analysis is to be conducted
  • ­Various search strategies followed
  • Identifying relevant patents and non-patent literature
  • Grouping and categorizing the result obtained


Candidate must have any Bachelors degree in science or technology such as BE, B.Tech, B.Sc. etc.

Who should join?

The course is useful to any person keen to pursue career in IPR, fresh students as well as working IP Professionals who want to enhance skills and experience in performing various kinds of patent searches.

Modes of learning and fee

20,000 INR (Indian Students)
652 USD (Foreign Students)

6 months

(including project work + 1 month internship)

How to enrol?
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Course content

Teaching Modules

What is Patent landscape analysis?
Patent search techniques
Identification and formulation of parameters
Bucketing of data and analysis
Preparing charts and the report
Guidelines for Project submission

Projects Submission

After finishing the teaching modules the students have to submit a project on Patent Landscape Analysis.

Exam and Certification

Upon completion of written examination and submission of the project, certificates will be issued to the successful participants.