Certificate Course in  Intellectual Property Rights

The Certificate Course in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), is jointly conducted by Visvesvaraya Technological University, an institution that is rich in history, academic excellence, and leadership and Origiin IP Academy, India’s premier institute for Intellectual Property learning.

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Key learnings

This course:

  • Helps in learning essential & practical aspects of IPR, analysis of new idea, patent search techniques, infringement analysis etc., which form a strong foundation to work in the industry.
  • Helps in “Bootstrapping” their career with additional industry relevant add-on course.
  • Makes students industry ready and cater to a real need of “IP” trained professionals.
  • Is extremely useful for candidates registered for PhD, as learning about intellectual property creation, its management and patent related searches helps them to identify the problem for doctoral studies and research and thereby helping them to identify the right subject and also avoid reinventing the wheel.


Candidate must have Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science or Technology such as BA, BE, B.Tech, B.Sc. etc. All students in their final year of degree can also register and undertake this course.

Who should join?

– Industry Personnel working in the concerned/allied discipline
– Faculty Members
– Research Scholars
– PG & UG Students
– Project Staffs from Universities, Colleges & Schools

Modes of learning and fee

      Fee INR 2999 only 
      Duration 3 months
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Course content

  • Module 1: Introduction to IPR
  • Module 2: Relevance of IPR
  • Module 3: Procedure and Management of Patents
  • Module 4: Types of patent applications and claims construction
  • Module 5: Assessment of new idea, its patentability and patent filing procedure
  • Module 6: IP and Technology Transfer
  • Module 7: Minimizing patent infringement risks
  • Module 8: Selecting a right trademark & industrial design
  • Module 9: Understanding Copyright , Plagiarism & Fair use
  • Module 10: Careers in IPR and final project

Exam and Certification

At the end of the course, student is required to attempt the ‘Final Examination’ consisting of 50 MCQs to qualify for the grant of ‘Certificate’. The duration of the exam is 60 minutes. No reattempts are allowed for the ‘Final Examination’. If the student fails to qualify the ‘Final Examination’, he/she will be given only two more chances to re-attempt the exam (upon additional payment). It is advised to thoroughly understand the subject and then answer the questions. The minimum score to qualify for the grant of ‘certificate’ is 60% after which  certificates will be issued jointly by VTU & OIPA.