Certificate Course in Fundamentals of Patents

The certificate course in fundamentals of patents focusses on sensitizing the candidates about the various forms of IP with special emphasis to patents. The course also includes key topics such as how to assess a new idea and proceed with patent filing and significance of technology acquisition and its utilization, pricing and the steps involved in technology transfer.

Key learnings

  • Fundamentals of IPR with special emphasis to Patents
  • Inventions that qualify for patentability in India
  • Business strategy and technology strategy can lead to the formulation of IP
  • How to assess an idea for novelty and patentability & basics of patent search
  • Patent filing procedure
  • Significance of technology acquisition and it’s utilization, pricing and the steps involved in technology transfer


  • Candidate must have Bachelors degree in science or technology such as BE, B.Tech, B.Sc. etc.
  • Candidates pursuing their degree in Science and Technology can enrol for this course.

Note: This course is open for students, researchers & faculty

Modes of learning and fee

      Fee INR 5999
      Duration 3 months
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Course content

Teaching Modules

Introduction to IPR
Invention that cannot be patented
Relevance of IPR
Assessment of new idea & patent filing procedure
Technology Transfer


Upon completion of the course within the prescribed timeline (3 months), certificates will be issued to the participants.