About Us

Origiin IP Academy (OIPA), founded in the year 2008, is India’s premier institute for IP (Intellectual Property) learning. Main objective of OIPA is to provide a platform for IP learning not only for the corporates but also for the domain experts to learn various skills needed in the market such as patent searches, patent specification drafting etc.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a wholesome IP education by giving an insight into the practical applications of IP practices and enable the participants to work independently and immediately after completion of the course.


  • The curriculum of the courses is carefully designed by IP experts including academicians, IP attorneys, patent agents and industry professionals keeping in view the needs of the industry.
  • The curriculum provides insight into practical applications of various types of patent searches, such as, patentability search, freedom to operate search, validity/invalidity search etc.
  • The course enables the participants to perform searches independently and immediately after completion of the courses.