Certificate Course in Freedom to Operate (FTO) Analysis

Freedom-to-Operate analysis or FTO analysis is a kind of patent search that is performed to determine whether a particular action, such as testing or commercializing a product, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of any third parties. The results of the search enable minimization of the risk of patent infringement upon product launch. The search scope includes identification & assessment of relevant patents (in-force and published patent applications) in desired jurisdictions. Product features are mapped with claims of relevant patent documents identified and chances of patent infringement are assessed.


  • Basics of FTO search, search techniques and formulation of search strings/strategies
  • Identification of relevant patent documents and claim mapping
  • Calculating term of patent, expiry date and legal status of the patent
  • Assessing chances of infringement, taking into consideration legal framework of the desired jurisdiction


  • Candidates pursuing their degree in Science and Technology can enrol for this course.Note: This course is open for students, researchers & faculty


  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Fee: INR 9500


  • Module 1 What is a Freedom to Operate Search?
  • Module 2 Important considerations for FTO search
  • Module 3 Patent Search Techniques
  • Module 4 Performing a Freedom to Operate search
  • Module 5 Writing a Freedom to Operate Search report
  • Module 6 Infringement Bypass Options
  • Module 7 Minimizing patent infringement risks
  • Module 8 Guidelines for Project submission


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